Education Bureau announced that all kindergartens will not resume classes before 16 March 2020

Dear Parents,


In response to the latest situation of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Education Bureau announced that all schools in Hong Kong will not resume classes before March 16 (Monday). Kindly refer to new school arrangement as follow.


  • Change of Holiday days


Easter Holiday : 10-13/4/2020 (total 4 days, public holiday only)

Summer Holiday : 1-16/8/2020 (total 16 days)


  • Make up lesson arrangement


Easter Holiday : 9/4/2020 , 14-17/4/2020

Summer Holiday : 20-24/7/2020 , 27-31/7/2020


  • Nursery class and Kindergarten students can keep up their learning online at home via the school website.


  • Fine motor skills training learning kits will be provided for the Nursery Class students, to improve their hand-eye coordination and two-hand coordination.


  • The school bus company stated that the school bus service fee will be waived in July. If you have any question, please call them at 3460-5620 for further inquires.


The incubation period of the new coronavirus is up to 14 days. The purpose of the suspension is to allow teachers and students who travel abroad to stay in their home and quarantine themselves after returning to Hong Kong in accordance with original plan. During the suspension period, students are advised not to travel abroad. The school urges parents to remain their child at home. Parents should teach their children to pay attention in maintaining their personal hygiene and avoid going to crowded places to reduce the chance of contracting the disease.


The school will make good use of this time to prepare for the resumption of class. Fighting the epidemic requires everyone’s joint efforts. I hope everyone can make an effort in epidemic prevention.


Should you have any questions, please contact school at 2702 7838 / 27027188 for details.


Wish you all a good health!

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