Homework Arrangement (Nursery) during Class Suspension (2 Mar to 13 Mar)

Homework arrangement (Nursery) during class suspension period


While classes may have been suspended on the school premises, this does not mean that teaching and learning will stop.  We have been working hard over the past few days and weeks to prepare the following task for their learning at home.


Weekly task for Nursery Class


  • Line exercise – 2 sets
  • English worksheet – 2 sets
  • Fine motor skills exercise – 1 package
  • Art craft (material bag) – 1 package


Parents may come to school to pick up the homework during the school office hours from March 2 (Mon.) to March 13 (Fri.). If you can’t pick up in person, you can download the homework through below links:



https://docdro.id/bx1aqgi (Line exercise and English worksheet – Week 2-6 Mar)

https://docdro.id/oB3FyBf (Fine motor skills exercise – Week 2-6 Mar)

https://docdro.id/lB9Y8o1 (Instruction of Art craft – Week 2-6 Mar)

https://docdro.id/ME2cJ8q (Line exercise and English worksheet – Week 9-13 Mar)

https://docdro.id/WymIfn5 (Fine motor skills exercise – Week 9-13 Mar)

https://docdro.id/gCSjRhb (Instruction of Art craft – Week 9-13 Mar)


The office hours as below:

Monday to Friday : 9:00am to 5:15pm

Saturday : 9:00am to 1:00pm

Saturday Afternoon, Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed


Wishing you all a good health!