Features of curriculum and Goals


Fun Creative Kindergarten offers a curriculum that inspires your child’s creative thinking, expression and development into well-balanced individuals. We provide ample activities inside and outside the school, adding variety and fun to students’ progress. Through interacting with the environment and exploring their potential, we strive for students to grow into healthy and confident global citizens.



In addition, according to the guidelines of the Education Bureau’s pre-primary education curriculum: “Children-centered” combined with the children’s life experience and the development of children’s abilities, with the use of “thematic teaching” and “custom designed curriculum” teaching methods, we offer a comprehensive learning experience.



The school focuses on “Learning through Play”. Play is the core of early childhood learning and a way to promote the development of young children. Teachers use a variety of interesting objects, teaching materials and learning media, providing an opportunity for children to explore with their hands. It facilitates children to gain experience through the interaction with environment and objects. With the accumulation of experience, children become more mature, and the knowledge they construct becomes richer. Children can also learn to analyze and solve problems, communicate and collaborate with others, so as to achieve “whole person development”.



We are also dedicated to the development of early childhood reading ability, our picture book library (one of the bookshelves is sponsored by Bring-me-a-book) promotes picture book reading and aims to encourage children’s interest.