2021-22 Notice of K3 Graduation Ceremony

The theme of this year graduation ceremony for K3 students is “friendship”. Throughout the past years in the kindergarten, the graduates have built a strong friendship with classmates, teachers and the school staffs! This is one of the precious memories to be treasure forever. The kindergarten hope we can create a wonderful graduation ceremony for our “best friend”. Therefore, we would like to add two items into the ceremony to increase the interactivity between parents and graduates. Also, parents have to prepare costumes for the performance and be informed about the date of rehearsals. Please find the details below:


Add Items

  1. Parents’ Sharing: Parents who are interested to join this item are required to record a video, and it will be played during the graduation ceremony, parents will be able to see their child’s reaction.

Length of Video

30 seconds to 1 minute

Video Format

mp4 / wmv / avi


·       Sharing the feelings about how parents see their child graduating from the kindergarten and moving on to the primary school, allowing their child to realize they have completed a milestone and to treasure what they have learnt in the kindergarten

·       Negative, indecent, and political contents are not allowed

  1. Parents’ Performance: Parents who are interested to join this item are required to perform (design on their own) during the graduation ceremony and are requested to attend the graduation ceremony and its rehearsal.

The Duration of the Performance

1 to 3 minutes

Number of people in each Performance

Maximum 5 parents (can be formed by different student’s parents)

Form of the Performance

Singing / Dancing / Playing instruments


*    If any songs or videos need to be played, please send it to the class teachers via email before 27th June 2022 (Mon)


·       The performance can present the appreciation of the effort and contribution the graduates have given or to encourage the graduates for the future challenges

·       Negative, indecent, and political contents are not allowed

  • Parents should submit their intention towards these two added items by submitting the reply slip on or before 25th June, 2022 (Saturday).


Costume for Graduates

Parents should prepare the costume according to the information below, and pass the clothing to their class teachers on or before 27th June, 2022 (Monday). The class teachers will be keeping the clothing until the day of graduation ceremony:



·       Overalls(any colours and fabrics)

·       Cowboy style scarf(optional; any colours and fabrics)

·       Long denim jeans(can be deep or light blue)

·       Round-neck t-shirt(any colours and fabrics)  




First Rehearsal

Second Rehearsal

Final Rehearsal






All K3 students

1.     All K3 students

2.     Parents who participate in “Parents’ Performance”

All K3 students


3:00 – 5:00pm

(The “Learn from Home” lesson for whole-day students

will be canceled on the days of rehearsal)

Dress code

Causal wear or Sport uniform, students must be wearing white trainers


For any enquiries, please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838.