2021/22 Introduction of Primary One Admission Seminar

To help parents understand the “2022-23 Primary One Admission System”, we have invited the principal of “Hong Kong & Macau Lutheran Church Primary School” to hold a seminar for parents of K3 students, highlighting the procedure of primary one admission and the transition. Please find the details below:


8th September 2021 (Wednesday)


2:30pm to 4:30pm


Fun Creative Kindergarten



Support for NCS

English briefing section is provided after the seminar from 4:30pm until 5:30pm

Parents should sign and submit the reply slip to the class teachers on or before 25th August 2021 (Wednesday).


Please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838 for enquiries. 

2021/22 Complaint about Breaking the Road Codes of Fu Ning Garden

The kindergarten has recently received complaint about some parents have broken the Road Code for drivers of Fu Ning Garden. As a result, all the applications of Parking Permit have been suspended. The kindergarten understands that parents wanted to pick-up their child and to drive them home, but there’s too many cars involved in this complaint. Also, the kindergarten respects the resident in Fu Ning Garden and the policy ruled by the property management. We sincerely hope parents could follow through the Road Code for drivers. If anyone who has broken the rule, the relevant parking permit will revoked and all the up-coming application from that person will not be accepted. Please be reminded of the rode code again:

  1. To avoid too many cars staying in the housing estate, parent who have the parking card can only maximally stay for 15 minutes. If you stay longer than 15 minutes, it will cost $30 per hour. The kindergarten has no right to apply for waving the charge.
  2. The speed control in the housing estate is 8km/hour, please drive slowly into and out of the housing estate to prevent accident as there are children and residents who pass through the road.
  3. Drivers should follow the correct route to roundabout.
  4. To avoid blocking the way to get on and off the school bus, drivers are not allowed to park your car at the chain position as shown in the photo below.


Please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838 for enquiries.