2021-22 Notice of K3 Graduation Ceremony

The theme of this year graduation ceremony for K3 students is “friendship”. Throughout the past years in the kindergarten, the graduates have built a strong friendship with classmates, teachers and the school staffs! This is one of the precious memories to be treasure forever. The kindergarten hope we can create a wonderful graduation ceremony for our “best friend”. Therefore, we would like to add two items into the ceremony to increase the interactivity between parents and graduates. Also, parents have to prepare costumes for the performance and be informed about the date of rehearsals. Please find the details below:


Add Items

  1. Parents’ Sharing: Parents who are interested to join this item are required to record a video, and it will be played during the graduation ceremony, parents will be able to see their child’s reaction.

Length of Video

30 seconds to 1 minute

Video Format

mp4 / wmv / avi


·       Sharing the feelings about how parents see their child graduating from the kindergarten and moving on to the primary school, allowing their child to realize they have completed a milestone and to treasure what they have learnt in the kindergarten

·       Negative, indecent, and political contents are not allowed

  1. Parents’ Performance: Parents who are interested to join this item are required to perform (design on their own) during the graduation ceremony and are requested to attend the graduation ceremony and its rehearsal.

The Duration of the Performance

1 to 3 minutes

Number of people in each Performance

Maximum 5 parents (can be formed by different student’s parents)

Form of the Performance

Singing / Dancing / Playing instruments


*    If any songs or videos need to be played, please send it to the class teachers via email before 27th June 2022 (Mon)


·       The performance can present the appreciation of the effort and contribution the graduates have given or to encourage the graduates for the future challenges

·       Negative, indecent, and political contents are not allowed

  • Parents should submit their intention towards these two added items by submitting the reply slip on or before 25th June, 2022 (Saturday).


Costume for Graduates

Parents should prepare the costume according to the information below, and pass the clothing to their class teachers on or before 27th June, 2022 (Monday). The class teachers will be keeping the clothing until the day of graduation ceremony:



·       Overalls(any colours and fabrics)

·       Cowboy style scarf(optional; any colours and fabrics)

·       Long denim jeans(can be deep or light blue)

·       Round-neck t-shirt(any colours and fabrics)  




First Rehearsal

Second Rehearsal

Final Rehearsal






All K3 students

1.     All K3 students

2.     Parents who participate in “Parents’ Performance”

All K3 students


3:00 – 5:00pm

(The “Learn from Home” lesson for whole-day students

will be canceled on the days of rehearsal)

Dress code

Causal wear or Sport uniform, students must be wearing white trainers


For any enquiries, please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838.

2021-22 Notice of Year End Arrangement

Time flies! The academic year of 2020/21 is heading towards an end. Some students will be leaving the kindergarten for their new journey while some students are moving forward to a new level with us. It is our honor to be a part of their growth. In order to leave them a wonderful memory, the kindergarten has arranged some activities, please find the details below:

Days of Summer Holiday

Grade of 2021/22

The last day of 2021/22

Pre-Nursery Class

22nd July, 2022 (Friday)


*    Students who completed the entire school year (from their own starting date until 22nd July, 2022) is required to attend the make-up classes during summer holiday:

25th July, 2022 – 12th August, 2022



29th July, 2022 (Friday)





The first day of 2022/23

Grade of 2022/23

The first day of 2022/23


15th August, 2022 (Monday)


16th August, 2022 (Tuesday)




The Arrangement of Closing Ceremony for Pre-Nursery Class, K1 & K2


Date* Implement within the lesson at school

Pre-Nursery Class

22th July, 2022 (Friday)

K1 & K2

29th July, 2022 (Friday)

* Please wear neat summer uniform


The Arrangement of K3 Graduation Activities


Graduation Trip

The kindergarten has appointed International Company to arrange the graduation trip for all K3 students to capture the most wonderful memories in Hong Kong Disney Land! Parents can decide whether to participate or not by their wish. Please find the details in the coming up notice which will be put into students’ school bag.


Graduation Ceremony

The implementation arrangements for “Vaccine Pass” announced by the government starting from 31st May, 2022, the kindergarten has decided to arrange the graduation ceremony will be conducted in ZOOM to ensure the parents who are not yet received the vaccine of COVID are also able to watch their children on the graduation ceremony. Please find the details below:


15th July, 2022 (Friday)

Drop off & Pick-up Time

Entry Time

as usual(8:30am – 9:00am)

Dismissal Time

as usual (12:00pm)

Dress code

Neat Summer Uniforms

Ceremony Media

Live webcast on ZOOM

Time of Live webcast


10:30am – 11:30am

Ceremony Rundown

Including certificate award for gradates, videos of graduate’s and feelings, awards giving and performances from graduates


*    The entire ceremony will by recorded and sent out to all parents afterwards

Borrow the

Gradation Gown

The gowns will be leant to students on 15th July, 2022 (Friday). Please return it on or before 22nd July, 2022.



1.     Parents must check the graduation gown when picking up it from the school, if any defects are found, they should report to the staff to change to another one.

2.     Please keep the graduation gown clean and nice. If they are lost, damaged or stained, parents need to pay HK$300 to the school.

3.     NO need to clean the graduation gown by parents. Just return it back to the school for disinfection and cleaning.

4.     If the graduation gown cannot be returned to the school, a fine of $100 will be charged for each day past the due date.


*    Parents must sign this notice to confirm acknowledgement of the policies above.


If you have any problems with the above arrangements, please feel free to contact the kindergarten at 2702 7838 / 2702 7188.

2021-22 ‘Do It Yourself (DIY) Handicraft and Learning Package Scheme’

In the academic year 2020/21, the kindergarten has designed a series of home-learning games under the scheme of Education Bureau, ‘Do It Yourself (DIY) Handicraft and Learning Package Scheme’ and dispatched them to each of the K1, K2 and K3 students. This year, the kindergarten will be dispatching three toy sets to each of the K1 to K3 students, the toy sets help children to learn at home with their parents, and also enhance the parent-child relationship during playing the toys together at home. We hope all of you enjoy the gift!

Date of the toy sets dispatching:


First Distribution

Second Distribution

Third Distribution


20th May, 2022 (Friday)

17th June, 2022 (Friday)

8th July, 2022 (Friday)


For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838.

2021-22 Notice of Rapid Antigen Test Collection

Although the government is gradually lifting the pandemic prevention measures recently, the risk of COVID-19 outbreak is still exists. For the safety of everyone who return to school, all parents must submit a rapid antigen test before going to the school every day, and submit the relevant records (either negative or positive) to the school according to the procedure below, you may also find more detailed information about it:


Procedure of Rapid Antigen Test Record Submission

  1. Everyday before going to the school, parents should take a photo of the Rapid Antigen Test Result of their children and then upload it to eClass Parent App (must be the newest version: v1.73.2), by clicking “More” > “Health Declaration”. Parents will be able to check the upload record everyday on eClass Parent App, please show the school staffs the page of the upload record everyday while entering to the school. The page of the upload record can be a screen shoot for other care giver of their children. For students who take school bus to the school, parents should show the page of the upload record to the staffs of the school bus company before getting on the bus every day, otherwise the school bus company would not allow their children to get on the bus.
  2. The class teachers will put the Temperature and Rapid Antigen Test Record Sheet on the “Body Temperature Record” booklet on the day of face-to-face lesson resumption. Parents should take body temperature of their child, record and sign on the booklet everyday before going to school. The column of “Rapid Antigen Test with a negative result” will be filled up by their class teachers after checking the results parents have uploaded on eClass Parent App.
  3. Please watch the video below for the entire procedure:

https://youtu.be/NSsYJp4SSi0 (English Version)

https://youtu.be/sldYZw4HqhI (Chinese Version)


Detailed Information

  1. Students are required to complete a rapid antigen test every day in the morning before they arrive at school, they could only go to the school if the test result is a negative one. If the result is positive, they are not allowed to go to the school. Instead, they should stay at home, and parents should inform the school immediately and report it to the Health Department within 24 hours via “Declaration System for individuals tested positive for COVID-19 using Rapid Antigen Test” (https://www.chp.gov.hk/ratp/).
  2. Based-on the consideration of pandemic prevention reasons, students regardless of whether they are “recovered from COVID-19” must complete a rapid antigen test every day before going to school, and submit the records to the school according to the instructions in this school notice.
  3. The kindergarten understands that students and their parents may need to take a longer time to complete the rapid antigen test result submission before going to school every day. Therefore, the time of lateness will be changed to 9:30am from 9:00am for AM classes and Whole-day classes; and to 2:00pm from 1:30pm for afternoon classes.
  4. The Education Bureau has sent some rapid antigen test kits (5 tests in one box) to the kindergarten for supporting kindergarten students of needy families who require financial assistance:
  • Students who are in the “Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme” (KCFRS).
  • Students who are successfully applied the “Grant for School-related Expenses for Kindergarten Students.
  • The students of needy family that is in the “Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme”.
  • The students of needy family that is receiving other financial supports from The Social Welfare Department (SWD).

Due to the limited number of the rapid antigen test kits we have, the kindergarten will firstly dispatch the rapid antigen test kits to (i) Students who are in the “Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme” (KCFRS) according to the list we have. If you fulfil the above descriptions (ii) – (iv), please apply for the rapid antigen test kits through the reply slip with the relevant documents uploaded. We will then dispatch the rapid antigen test kits to families that is in need.

  1. When parents are purchasing the rapid antigen test kits, you may check the information provided by Centre for Health Protection:https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/rat/eng/rat.html


As the above policies may be changed by the government, the kindergarten will formulate school-based plan according to the documents announced to the school by government departments, and will inform all parents. Parents please pay attention to the school’s notice.


For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838.

2021/22 School Disinfection from March 8 to 9

In order to further protect everyone’s health, the kindergarten will be undertaking a “Long Effectiveness Sani-Mist Germicidal Treatment” (provided by LBS Hygiene Company) from March 8 (Wednesday) to March 9 (Thursday) , 2022. At the meanwhile, the kindergarten will be temporary close for all visitors, parents and students. Please do not come to school accordingly.


Please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838 for enquiries. 

2021/22 Updated School Calendar of Second Term

According to the announcement about all schools’ campus will be used for “Universal Community Testing Programme”, so all students will have their summer holidays earlier in this academic year made by the Hong Kong government, the kindergarten has arranged the followings based-on the school practical operation and the syllabus of the curriculum:

  1. Originally, the summer holidays of this academic year are 4 weeks from 18 July to 10 August 2022. Now the Summer holidays will be changed to 4 weeks from 21 March to 2 April 2022 and 1 August to 12 August 2022. Students do not have to attend any lessons during the summer holidays.
  2. Parents should come to the kindergarten between 4 March to 5 March 2022 to pick-up the “Learn from Home” materials of 7 March to 18 March (two weeks) as arranged earlier.


Please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838 for enquiries. 

2021/22 Notice of 2019 COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Vaccination Arrangements for Students Aged 3 years-old or above

The Hong Kong government has been lowering the minimum age of receiving the Sinovac vaccine and BioNTech vaccine. Then the EDB issued a letter to schools on 20 January 2022 and 18 February 2022, setting out the updated arrangements for students aged 5 to 17 to receive Sinovac vaccine and BioNTech vaccine and the vaccination programme lowering of minimum age of receiving Sinvoac vaccine to three years-old or above.


Also, according to the opinions that we have collected from the survey about the vaccination, the kindergarten then decided to arrange an outreach on-campus vaccination service provided by Innovative Medical Services Limited and associated with Tseung Kwan O Government Primary School for our students to get “CoronaVac” Sinvoac Vaccine. It has arranged to take the first dose on 5th March, 2022 (Saturday) and second dose on 2th April, 2022 (Saturday). Parents should find the details and apply by referring the notice sent earlier. 


Please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838 for enquiries. 

2021/22 Extension of Suspension of Face-to-face Classes for all Schools after Chinese New Year Holidays

Education Bureau of Hong Kong has announced the extension of suspension of face-to-face classes for all schools after Chinese New Year Holidays. Therefore, the kindergarten has made the arrangement accordingly, please find the details below:

  1. The arrangement of “Learn from Home” lesson will remain in line after Chinese New Year holidays          (14th Feb 2022) until face-to-face classes are resumed.
  2. Parents should come to the kindergarten on 12th Feb 2022 (Sat) and 14th Feb 2022 (Mon) to pick-up new “Learn from Home” materials for a week and to submit the completed homework of first term, the class teachers will return them after marking.


Also, the EDB has also given a new policy to the kindergarten according to the “Vaccine Bubble” arrangement announced by the government on 4th Jan 2022, please find the details below:

  1. All teaching staffs and non-teaching staffs at school, services provider, and all visitors, including parents and care-giver, volunteers etc. have to show the record of vaccinated with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine while entering the school.
  2. According to the requirement of EDB, the kindergarten has set-up a QR code of “Leave Home Safe”, all teaching staffs and non-teaching staffs at school, services provider, and all visitors, including parents and care-giver, volunteers etc. have to scan the QR code with relative mobile application while entering the school.


Please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838 for enquiries. 

2021/22 Notice of Face-to-face Classes Suspension

The COVID-19 Omicron variant has a high infectivity and is posing a serious threat. The Education Bureau has announced face-to face classes for all primary schools, kindergartens and Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres have to suspend from 14th Jan 2022 until school’s Chinese New Year Holiday (CNY holiday: 31st Jan 2022 to   13th Feb 2022).


Parents should find the details of the arrangements in the notice we have distributed earlier. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838.

2021/22 Postponement of K2 Wetland Park Exploration

Due to the outbreak of Omicron Variant of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Wetland Park has informed the kindergarten on 7th Jan 2022 that they will be temporary closed according to the government policy. The field trip to Hong Kong Wetland Park scheduled on 13th Jan 2022 (Thursday) for K2 students will be postponed until the Wetland Park re-open (If the school is not available on the reopening date according to the school calendar, the field trip will be cancelled without further notice). All students should come to the school as usual on the day (please wear neat sport uniform; enter and leave the school as normal: 8:30am – 12:00pm), as well as the school bus service, parents should drop off and pick up their child accordingly.


Please feel free to contact the school at 2702 7188 / 2702 7838 for enquiries.