2022/23 The Establishment of the first “Parent-Teacher Association”

20th Oct, 2022

Dear parents,


      The most crucial factors in a child’s development are their parents and teachers. Under the guidance of their parents and teachers, the general development of children is obviously better facilitated by the formation of a favorable and intimate interaction between parents and teachers. As a result, the school places a significant emphasis on efficient “home-school collaboration”. The first “Parent-Teacher Association” (referred to simply as “PTA”) will be officially established on November 19th,2022. Under the series of preparation, the following are the details of the introduction of the PTA and the establishment day’s activities:


Introduction of the PTA

Established Purpose

·     Facilitate communication and contact between parents and schools to create partnerships

·     Improve school transparency, increase parental knowledge of the school, and foster more mutual confidence between the two parties

·     Increase parental involvement in school activities so they can discover their potential and improve parent-child relationships.

Aim of the term

·     Hold 1 PTA trip (scheduled anticipated for June)

·     At least 1 parent-child activity

·     Build a volunteer team to participate in on-campus or off-campus activities (if necessary)

·     Hold an online course of ” Positive Parent Academy ” hosted by Mr. Ringle Leung (if parents agree to participate, the school will forward their child’s name, parent’s name, phone number, and email address to ” Positive Parent Academy “. Please sign the reply slip to informs the school of its wishes) and a series of positive parenting talks (approximately 4 times) 


Executive committee


Consultant:Mr. Ringle Leung

Mr. Ringle Leung, a father of a daughter and a son, is an expert on Positive Education. He is dedicated to advancing positive parent education and serves as the director of the “Positive Parent Academy,” an organization authorized by the Education Bureau to offer training services.


Chairman:Mr. Cheung (father of NB Cheung Yui Yau)

Vice-Chairman: Ms. Wong Ming Wai (Our school Principal)

Secretary: Ms. Ching Sze Wing (K3B Class Teacher)

Treasury:Mr. Ma (K3A Ma Hazel’s father), Ms. Choi Mei Kuen (Head Teacher)

Communications:Mrs. Tran (mother of NA Roen Tran & K3B Orson Tran), Ms. Wong Tsz Ching (NCS Teacher)

Recreation Officers:Ms. Ngai (mother of K3A Lam Tsz Tan), Ms. Cheung Yin Man (K2A Class Teacher), Ms. Li Kwan Mei  (K1B Class Teacher)

Auditor:Ms. Chu (K3A Poon Yow Tse, Charles Jacob’s mother), Ms. May Wong (School Accountant)

Liaison Officers::Mr. Lo (father of K2A Lo Po Ting)、 Ms. Ginny Wong (Head Teacher)

The core members

of the PTA Volunteer team

·     Ms. Poon(mother of K2A Chan Nok)

·     Ms. Charlie Ong(mother of K3A Ong Caspien Sandre Jim An)

·     Ms. Sivarama Krishnan(mother of K2A Sethuraman Semmozhi)

PTA member

Right and obligation

·     Member can have the right to vote in the PTA meeting

·     Members can have first priority to join the PTA activity (if there is a quota limit)

·     Members are required to pay the PTA fee and comply by PTA rules

Fee and membership

·     Fee:$50(The withdrawn member can not receive a return of their membership fee; the late-starting student’s parent could apply to join the PTA)

·     Valid period of the membership : Year of 2022-23


*  Please sign the reply slip to informs the school of its wishes of being a PTA member



The details of the PTA Establishment day


19th November, 2022 (Saturday)




Fun Creative Kindergarten




1.     School’s Speech

2.     Introduce the PTA Executive committee members

3.      “Positive Guidelines for Creating a Happy Family” Workshop hosted by Mr. Ringle Leung


A Stanford University study found that whether or not a person is happy depends on their ability to create positive interactions with the people and things in their surroundings. Therefore, the activity can help parents know how to cultivate happiness and have effective communication.

Content Highlights:

·      Analyze the difference between the message received by a male and a female

·     Analyze the effective elements in communication

·     Share the methods of expression that can help others feel your love


·     Only parents attend the activity. The maximum number of parents of each student is 2.

·     Parents have to fulfill the requirements of the ” Vaccine Pass”, including scanning the QR code in the “Leave Home Safe” app. If you get the red code or amber code, you will not be permitted to enter the campus to participate in the activity.

·     Due to the limitations of the venue, the maximum number of participants is 50. PTA Executive committee members, PTA Volunteer team members, and PTA members have first priority. The remaining quota will be decided by a lucky draw.



Your Sincerely,

Fun Creative Kindergarten

Fun Creative Anglo-Chinese Nursery

2022/23 Implement the school-based theme for My Pledge to Act – Be grateful and treasure what we have, stay positive and optimistic Scheme

19th Oct, 2022

Dear parents,

We truly believe that holistic development can assist children tackle massive future challenges. To foster a positive and enthusiastic attitude, we will implement the school-based theme for ” My Pledge to Act – Be grateful and treasure what we have, stay positive and optimistic”, which is funded by the Quality Education Fund – EDB, and we are planning various events for kindergarten students (K1-K3). We also require parental participation and support. Please see the planning below:

Implement Date

Target Grade

Introduction of the Activities

21st October 2022

(During lesson)

K1 – K3

K1-K3 Commitment Day (Opening Ceremony)

Introduce the meaning of “Be grateful and treasure what we have, stay positive and optimistic”, and inspire youngsters to make a commitment — “I can do it!” by joining in collective commitment, they can foster their attitudes of caring about others, generate a spirit of mutual support and affection, promote positive thinking, appreciate existing things, cultivate empathy and build a harmonious school. The student will get a commitment badge afterwards.


24th October 2022

till the end of the school term

(Once a week

During lesson)


K1 – K3

Weekly Assembly

Every Wednesday morning (from 8:45 to 9:00 a.m.), a morning assembly is held in the school hall. We share the positive messages for the week with the children so that they will be more involved in the scheduled activities. During the assembly, the children will meet different teachers, which will help them understand the importance of being courteous to each other and respecting others.

Class Teacher Lesson

Set up the “My Pledge to Act” mission with children once a month to increase their awareness of events and encourage them to participate. To acknowledge children that achieve, the school will conduct the corresponding “Monthly Star Award Program”. Parents can fill out the “My Pledge to Act” record book every two weeks to report on students’ performance at home to the teacher as they wish.

Growth Lesson and Reading Scheme

During weekly growth lesson, teacher will share a story in the “Positive Storybook” with the children; and the school will also set up a “Children’s Fun Zone” in the multi-functional room, storing various related mini-games, allowing children to carry out extended learning in the “Children’s Fun Zone” every week; and store books on positive characters such as gratitude, cherishing, positivity, optimism, etc., in both Chinese and English, allowing children to choose and read by themselves. The monthly recommendation books will also be posted on the parent communication column at the school entrance for parents’ reference.

November 2022

(Accurate date and details will be released by sending parents notice)




Visit Hong Kong Wetland Park

Children can learn more about the wetland park, the diversity of Hong Kong, the value of preserving resources, and the necessity of environmental protection by visiting the wetland park.

K1 – K3

Hong Kong cultureParent-child Drawing Competition

In order to help children understand and become familiar with Hong Kong, including its unique multicultural and ecological culture, a drawing competition will be held to allow participating parents and children to explore through the process of parent-child creation, and at the same time to enhance parent-child relationships. The winning works will be produced as a small gift for students.

January 2023

 (Accurate date and details will be released by sending parents notice)


K1 – K3

Loving Family – Photography Competition

“Happiness” plays a vital role in the development of positive character, enhancing parent-child relationships, and raising the happiness of each family, all of which can significantly increase the overall efficacy of the program. As a result, during the Lunar New Year, parents can participate in cultural, artistic and sporting events with children and shoot a photo with the topic “Blissful Family” to enter the competition. The show will feature the submission that best depicts “Blissful Family”. The best representation of “Blissful Family” will be exhibited in the exhibition.

February 2023

(Accurate date and details will be released by sending parents notice)

K2 – K3

Visit the Hong Kong Museum of History

Children can learn about Hong Kong’s history, comprehend its cultural legacy and growth, foster a spirit of inquiry in children, cultivate an interest in Hong Kong culture and even Chinese culture and create a sense of identity through a visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History.

March 2023

(Accurate date and details will be released by sending parents notice)


K1 – K3

Service-learning ActivitiesDay of Love Spreading 

The kids can make cards together and send them to classmates, teachers, family members, and community members or the one who assist us. By doing this, they can embrace love, gratitude and spread this warmth, which can help kids develop their sense of optimism, positive interpersonal relationships, and values, as well as their grateful hearts.

April 2023

(Accurate date and details will be released by sending parents notice)

K1 – K3

Visit Tai Tong Organic EcoPark

By bringing children to the Tai Tong Organic EcoPark, we can teach them about Hong Kong’s ecological diversity and organic farming, fostering in them an appreciation for the environment and a sense of preservation.

May 2023

(Accurate date and details will be released by sending parents notice)


Visit Hong Kong Ocean Park

Many Hong Kong residents have grown together with Hong Kong Ocean Park. In recent years, it has actively promoted animal and natural environmental protection in addition to building cultural dialogue. The “Hong Kong Ocean Park Academy” is dedicated to using the park’s facilities and environment to help teachers and students in Hong Kong learn through engaging activities and take favorable position to spend time in nature. The school also believes that by including conservation education into the visit activities, it would encourage students to value and protect the natural world.

June 2023

(Accurate date and details will be released by sending parents notice)

K1 – K3


We will share videos of the year’s events and display the top photos from the Loving Family – Photography Competition in order for parents and kids not only recall the achievements of the past activities but also enjoy the outcomes when they participate in the exhibition.

The further details of the above scheme “My Pledge to Act – Be grateful and treasure what we have, stay positive and optimistic” is still being planned. There could be a chance to postpone or modify. When the plans are finalized, the school will try our best to coordinate the events and inform by notice. Please contact Miss Ginny Wong at 2702 7838/ 2702 7188 if you have any enquiries.



Your Sincerely,

Fun Creative Kindergarten

Fun Creative Anglo-Chinese Nursery

2022/23 Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project

7th Oct, 2022

Dear parents,

Our kindergarten participates in the Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project held by the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, which is giving dental care services to our children for checking, controlling existing cavities, and preventing further decay.

The children will first undergo an oral screening conducted by the dentists. Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) solution will be applied to the decayed tooth surfaces of the children who have parental consent. Individual dental Reports on the child’s oral condition will be sent to their parents after the dental check-up, showing the situation of the mouth cavity and its treatment. Details are as follows:


1st November, 2022 (Tuesday)


Start at 9:00am during school hours, no parents are allowed to stay in school


Fun Creative Kindergarten


School Sports uniform


Free of charge


1.     SDF solution has been proven effective in slowing down tooth decay, and safe to use in children causing no significant impact on general health.

2.     When cavities with SDF applied turn black, which is an expected outcome, it indicates that the active decay is stopped successfully. Please pay attention.

3.     Participated children can receive a report of the mouth cavity.


Your Sincerely,

Fun Creative Kindergarten

Fun Creative Anglo-Chinese Nursery