16th Jan, 2023

Dear parents,


“Happiness” comes from positive emotions, engagement, meaningful life, and the ability to be autonomous. It plays a very important role in the cultivation of positive character. This year’s “My Pledge to Act – Be grateful and treasure what we have, stay positive and optimistic. Partial of the scheme has completed. In addition to allowing students to learn independently through different activities, we also hope to improve students’ “sense of happiness”. Therefore, the school is now holding the “Loving Family – Photography Competition”. All entries in this competition will be displayed in the “Outcome Exhibition” of this scheme, awards will be presented to winning entries. Parents are encouraged to participate actively. The details of the competition are listed as below:


“Blissful Family”

·     As long as it shows a lot of “happiness”, different family combination is accepted


1.     Let students become a person who is full of “happiness”, to be able to face all kinds of challenges in the future with an engaging, positive, and optimistic attitude. At the same time, they will not forget to be grateful and cherish the people, and things around them.

2.     Hopefully all families can enjoy and cherish the wonderful parent-child time through “shooting” and enhance the parent-child relationship


During Chinese New Year Holiday, parents can participate into an activity that is:

·     cultural

·     artistic

·     sporty

Size and Requirement of the Photo


12.7cm(5”) x 17.8cm(7”)


Student name, class and the name of the entry must be written on the back of the photo

Deadline of Submission

3 March 2023


The entry will be dis-qualified if it:

·       is political and negative

·       is a late submission

·       does not fulfil the size and requirement

·       has more than one submission



Your Sincerely,

Fun Creative Kindergarten

Fun Creative Anglo-Chinese Nursery