6th Mar, 2023

Dear parents,


Having a strong body can support children’s long-term learning, allow children to grow up healthily, and develop a good habit of loving sports. Therefore, the school will hold a parent-child sports day for K2 and K3 students on March 24, 2023 (Friday). Each student must be accompanied by one parent. The details are as follows:


March 24, 2023 (Friday)

Location of the Sport Day

Hong Kong Adventist Academy (Must go there by the bus the kindergarten arranged)


Students:Neat Summer Sport Uniform

Parents:Wearing shirt of colour red / blue / yellow / green according to the grouping(The list of groups will be announced in next week)

Venue of Assembly and Dismissal

Fun Creative Kindergarten

Time of Assembly

Must arrive within 8:30 – 8:45am (will not be waiting for those who is late)

Time of Dismissal

12:00pm(Whole-day Students can stay till 4:30pm as usual but parents must let us know through the reply-slip if they don’t want their child to stay in the afternoon session, request on the day will not be accepted)


1.   If the Education Bureau announced to continue the measurement of uploading RAT record every day after 15 Mar, parents must upload the RAT record of them and their child onto the Parent App on the day and show the record to our staffs.

2.   Student who is not joining the Sport Day will have no school on the day.

3.   As there are only outdoor activities on the Sport Day, the Sport Day will be postponed/canceled according to the school calendar and the availability of the venue if it is affected by rain or other bad weather.



Your Sincerely,

Fun Creative Kindergarten

Fun Creative Anglo-Chinese Nursery